5 Points To Keep In Mind While Accessorising Your Dress

5 Points To Keep In Mind While Accessorising Your Dress

There are two aspects to dressing up for an occasion, event or for going to the office etc. While the clothes make up one aspect, the accessories that go with the dress male up the other aspect. Accessorising your clothes in order to enhance your looks can seem quite a daunting task if you are not aware of the following basics:

  • Colours: It is always better to choose colours which compliment your dress as well as your complexion. This can be achieved in two ways:
    • Match the colours of the accessories with the dress worn and
    • Contrasting teh colours of the accessories with that of the dress.

It is generally seen that being too matchy can be an eyesore. It may also seem too clichéd. Hence it is always better to colour contrast the accessories with the dress so as to make a bold statement. For example it is best to wear bright colours with a dress with muted colous like white, peach etc. and muted coloured accessories with bright coloured dresses.

  • Accessory size: The size of the accessory chosen should be in proportion to your body size and stature. For example, even though watches for men are available in a lot of sizes, a heavily built person will compliment a chunky watch while a short statured person would look good with a small or medium watch. The same is applicable for jewellery too. It is best to wear chunky jewellery only if you are able to carry it off.
  • Age appropriateness: Just as in the case of the dress, the accessories should also compliment teh age of the person wearing them. Hence the accessories should neither be too juvenile nor too conservative in their appropriateness.
  • Appropriateness of occasion: While choosing accessories it is very important to understand its appropriateness with the accession for which they are worn. Hence wearing ornately designed bracelets for women is as inappropriate for a funeral as are simple accessories for a big fat Indian wedding.
  • Less is more: There would be occasions wherein you might not understand for sure what accessories to wear. It is best to go in for the minimal yet classic look in these cases for you can never go wrong with a classic.

Today there are a lot of accessories that can be bought online like scarves, jewellery, watches, bands, belts etc. It is indeed a challenging yet pleasurable experience to be able to match accessories with the dress worn.


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