Advantages of Having Acrylic Nails over Your Real Nails

Advantages of Having Acrylic Nails over Your Real Nails

Acrylic nails have become a common thing, known as artificial nails or fake nails too. What started as a trend followed by celebrities soon made it everywhere for good. As the trend started, rumors had it that acrylic nails sabotage real nails, which soon got busted for a clear myth that people got over. However, how good are acrylic nails and why should people get them are the right questions to ask. And these questions have justified reasons that we are going to talk about below. Here’s a list of benefits of having acrylic nails.

  1. They are quite durable

You know you are playing the game wrong if you are looking for durability with nail polish. The thing with nail polish is that one layer is too less and two layers makes it too vulnerable. A couple of days and you scratch it off your nails, eat it off, or touch some surface that does great damage. That’s where acrylic nails come to the rescue. As soon as the acrylic nails get dried after the application, you can expect great deal of durability.

  1. You have amazing creative freedom

Natural nails allow good amount of creativity and nail art, but there are things you can’t do no matter what. Natural nails only grow to a certain length. However, with acrylic nails, you can get them in the length that you would want, shapes that you’d want to explore, and even go that extra mile to accessorize them. And since these are temporary, you can actually experiment and get rid of the styles if you don’t like them. And besides all of these, you can practice any kind of nail art that you would want on your nails.

  1. They are perfect

Oftentimes, people persevere so much to have amazing natural nails and get demotivated if nothing works. Why should you give up on your nails if they don’t look as flattering as they should naturally? This is when your acrylic nails or artificial nails can help you achieve perfection. Even as such, if you are hunting for a 100 percent of perfection, acrylic nails should be your best friends. The best thing about acrylic nails is that they merge so well with your natural nails, no one would be able to spot the acrylic nails on your natural nails.

  1. They are uniform

Uniformity is the most unpredictable thing with natural nails. While sometimes as a matter of chance you’d be blessed with super uniform length, shape, nail polish application and just about everything, most of the times you wouldn’t. Getting acrylic nails is a great idea if you wish to have uniform nails of same length and shape for all five nails. There’s no nail polish escaping the nail and making it to the sides of your nails over your skin.

  1. They are versatile

Another advantage of having acrylic nails is the amount of versatility you are blessed with. When it is your natural nails, you have to wait for them to grow and if at all you want to make changes, you have to cut them, file them, and be really patient. However, you can instantly work with the length and shape of acrylic nails without having to wait so much. If you are a person who hates consistency in nails, you can’t deny how amazing acrylic nails are.

These are the undeniable perks of having acrylic nails. To know more about nails and other beauty related queries, please visit


Acrylic nails are on the rise for many undeniable reasons. Here’s why they are so much loved by people more than natural nails or any other form of artificial nails.

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