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Revolutionising geriatric care with Crowdfunding

Our parents are the reason why we are here, living and thriving. It is our duty to protect and comfort them, as they did once for us, now that they


Body Piercing Practices across World

There are many practices that are being followed for several years now across the world. Many practices are just followed in the name of custom while many have been adopted


Advantages of Having Acrylic Nails over Your Real Nails

Acrylic nails have become a common thing, known as artificial nails or fake nails too. What started as a trend followed by celebrities soon made it everywhere for good. As


Lesson for an Ombre art for nails

I especially love surprising all my loved ones with red stockings filled with their favourite items. Stocking stuffers are my favourite items to shop for and I always make sure


Four Tips to Choose the Right Women Hat

Fashion experts around the world believe that the accessories can give you a wonderful look. You need to choose them in accordance with your personality and fashion. Hats are one


De Leon With Its Latest Addition The Elise

De Leon has been a big shot for luxury goods in the fashion industry. It has been the perfect firm, offering long lasting products within the pre-set budget plans. Customers


Choose your shoes according to your dress

In the medieval period of history, shoes were worn by wealthy people and aristocrats mostly. The regular practices of making and repairing had made them available to everyone. In the


Liven Up Your Ensemble with Mens Designer Earrings

Earrings liven up any outfit you have. Whether you’re going out for the night or to work, having the right set of earrings to go with it is important because


Rivoli crystal vs beads: what is a better option for making bracelet

Rivoli beads and crystals are rapidly gaining popularity and people are ready to buy a huge variety of the crystals and beads so they can make some of the best


Look best effortlessly while wearing latest fashion clothing

Are you a fashion Follower or love to follow the style statement of your favorite Celebrity? For some people, today’s  fashion and great clothing is their life and it helps