Choose your shoes according to your dress

Choose your shoes according to your dress

In the medieval period of history, shoes were worn by wealthy people and aristocrats mostly. The regular practices of making and repairing had made them available to everyone. In the past times, the shoes were generally made up of leather and clothes mainly. The shoe industries too have grown with the world. Shoes have taken different forms according to fashion. Hence, there are vast varieties of shoes available in today’s world. You may not get that much variety on the street stores but there are some online stores like blukicks, men’s shoes are available in all varieties. You probably don’t get an idea by seeing them online as they are numerous.

Now days, shoes are available for nearly every dress. But men get so much confused when it comes to choosing a shoe. You got particular shoes to wear with blazers, with suits, with tuxedos etc. You need to know the varieties of shoes:

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Derby Shoes: These shoes are mainly made for the men having big feet. They can fit with casual dresses also although they have formal touch in it. You can see most of the men wearing derby shoes with their regular office uniforms. They are comfortable and contain a general look.

Oxford shoes: You can find closed lacing in this type of shoe. They are good to wear at formal occasions. These shoes are suitable for tuxedo and other formal dresses. The other name of oxford shoes is balmorals. You can get better durability in this type of shoe.

Brogue shoes: in this type of shoe, some kind of broguing is done that means it has given some sort of decorative touch by making tiny holes or some sort of sewing on the shoes. Broguing is done on other types of shoes such as on monk shoes, derby shoes and oxford shoes as well. These are worn with the formals generally but now people have started them wearing with the casuals too. They can provide you handsome look.

Monk shoes: Lacing is not a problem with monk; they come with hooks or buckles or straps. They can also be worn casually or formally. There are two categories available in this type of shoes single monk shoes and double monk shoes.

The only difference between the single monk shoes and the double monk shoes is the straps. There is only one strap available in single monk shoe and two straps are available in double monk shoes.

Doesn’t matter if it is single monk or double monk you will get the same comfort in both of them. Since there are no laces in these types of shoes, they are provided with a bigger tongue so that it may secure around the wearer’s ankle.

Loafers: There are no laces in the loafer shoes. These shoes are made for formals only. They appear very stylish and appealing. Loafers come also in other styles and materials to make them suit on the casuals. There are three common types of loafers. There are various varieties of loafers also, some of them are

  • Kiltie loafers: They are made in old fashioned style. Their tongue comes under some kind of fencing.
  • Penny loafers: It is the most popular type of loafer that is worn now days. They have a strap of leather over the top of the tongue having the design of a diamond.
  • Pump Loafers: They are best to wear with tuxedo. They are shiny and provided with very low vamp. They are usually worn black.

Sneakers: You can find them in almost every man’s wardrobe. They can be worn with almost every casual wear. They can provide you a great look. You can wear it with jeans, chinos, shorts. You can also see some men wearing a pair of black and white sneakers with the suits too and they look awesome with it.

You can wear them while playing any kind of sport. They provide a great support to the feet, you can find comfort in it while running, playing or doing exercises. You can easily jump with it. There are no worries of getting injured with it.  Another good feature of sneakers is that they provide easy breathing to your feet and it is made up of mesh that allows air to pass nicely.

Boat shoes: These are also casual shoes. They can also be worn without socks. They look great with a smart casual outfit. You can wear them with a pairs of shorts and or with a tee to look amazing.  You can see people wearing at the weekends when they go to watch movies or shopping.

They can provide you great comfort. Most men use to wear them when they go for sailing or fishing. They can also be seen in formal gatherings also. Because of the comfort they provide they are widely used all over the world. They also offer superior safety. You can be sure that you are not going to slip wearing these shoes. They might be somewhat costly, but it is nothing in comparison to the safety and comfort they provide.

Espadrilles: These are the extremely comfortable shoes. They are a great option wearing it with casuals. They are made highly fashionable as well. There is also a wide range of espadrilles available for men. Some of them are:

  • Hipster espadrille: They have printed designs on them. They are mostly made in China.
  • Hybrid Espadrille: They have delicate base so the comfort is more in these shoes.
  • Heritage espadrille: These espadrilles have lashes on them. They are made in Spain.

There are also many types of boots available such as –

  • Chelsea boot: These boots never go out of fashion. They have elastic side panel and look very stylish.
  • Chukka boots: They are plain boots mostly made up of leather. They have opening construction of lace. You can easily wear them with jeans and chinos too.
  • Brogue boots: These boots are made with some kind of broguing on them like the brogue shoes. They really look cool.
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