Lesson for an Ombre art for nails

Lesson for an Ombre art for nails

I especially love surprising all my loved ones with red stockings filled with their favourite items. Stocking stuffers are my favourite items to shop for and I always make sure to include an item they can use either on their hands or feet, For example, some of my favourite stocking stuffers include nail polish, crystal nail files, cuticle oil, nail clippers and fast-drying top coat. I was inspired by all of my Christmas stockings to create red stocking nails. Below is a quick and simple nailing tutorial to add just a tiny bit of holiday cheer to your nails this season! See http://www.msmee.com/

Nailsart for “Ombre Nail” is an easy and beautiful technique of nail art, since you only need your colours of favourite enamels and a sponge, it’s that simple to achieve this great effect!In addition to cute is very versatile, since it is often used as a basis for many other designs, so you cannot stop learning it if you are a fan of nail art.Then, through simple steps we show you how to do it:

1st Step: Prepare your nails

Clean your nails, remove remains of enamel, cut them out and give them the shape you want. I recommend placing a colourless base or a pre-base polish on your nails to take care of them.

2nd Step: Apply the base enamel

Choose light coloured enamel as a base; ideally, it should be white so that the colour with which you will make the gradient will look good on your nails.

3rd Step: Creating the degrading effect

Pour a small amount of the colours you want to mix, side by side on a piece of plastic or paper.Apply a good amount of each, all colours should be touched so that the gradient is well and you can mix them a little on the edges with a toothpick.You can also put the colours directly on the sponge, side by side; it’s faster and easier as well.

4th Step: Technique of the sponge

If you have the colours in the plastic, press the sponge against the enamels and apply it directly on the nail.If you have the colours directly on the sponge, the same thing is done: press directly on your nail.In cases, go tapping and you will notice that the degrading effect will remain.You can repeat this step as necessary until you achieve the desired effect. But make sure each application dries before you apply more enamel.

5th Step: Apply the final coat

Apply a final coat of enamel, ideally a top coat to prolong your manicure.Wait until all the layers of enamel have dried before applying the shine. Otherwise, you can end up staining the enamel.You may have to apply more than one layer, since the sponge technique produces a grainy surface, and to be able to smooth it, you will need two final layers.

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