Revolutionising geriatric care with Crowdfunding

Revolutionising geriatric care with Crowdfunding

Our parents are the reason why we are here, living and thriving. It is our duty to protect and comfort them, as they did once for us, now that they have grown old. But financing geriatric care is expensive, especially if one works abroad or is in bad shape himself, and cannot take care of his aged relatives all the time. In India there are no government funded provisions for the older people to access any government funding. Some people take to  conventional methods like long-term care insurance, retirement accounts, pensions. Crowdfunding India says that an accurate and more effective alternative to these is crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding India gives you a few tips on how to use fundraising as a mean to deal with expensive geriatric care. Geriatric care is a very expensive procedure, including regular medication, surgeries, diagnosis, paid caregivers, diet, lifestyle tools like walkerz, sticks, wheelchairs, adult diapers, regular check-up and what not. Crowdfunding is the only safe way to deal with this colossal expenditure.


  1. Choose the correct crowdfunding websites

Most successful fundraisers begin with successful crowdfunding sites in india. If seniors feel uncomfortable asking for the money themselves, you can do that yourself, or maybe the caregiver can on behalf of them.

2. Set a realistic goal amount

You might hope to fill the entire gap in your pocket but you probably won’t raise enough funds for the entire bill. Setting small goal amounts will increase the chances of getting more donations.

3. Create a Compelling Webpage

Write a passionate and genuine article about the ordeal that you and your parents are facing on the crowdfunding platforms in india

Join necessary links and documents to the story to prove your credibility.

  1. Use social media

Older people generally have little to no access to social media or even, internet. Sharing the webpage on social media sites, will drastically increase the amount of support as it will reach out to the millions. Since many older individuals do not have large social media circles, ask the younger people to share the crowdfunding websites profile using their social media contacts. Ask others to help share your crowdfunding page even if they cannot donate.

5. Appeal to the younger generation

Older adults typically have fewer friends and family with online social media accounts than their younger family members. Ask the younger generation set up your fundraising profile and spread the word about this campaign.

6. Communicate

Since geriatric care is a continuous process it requires a constant funding flow. Send a thank you letter or email to every donor acknowledging their contribution. This will make them feel appreciated and will inspire them to donate again in the future.

7. Choose the right site

The most important step of creating a successful online crowdfunding campaign is choosing the right website of the numerous crowdfunding websites india for your fundraiser. Do the legwork, read the reviews  and make sure that you choose a trustworthy website for your campaign.

The best thing about these crowdfunding campaigns is that they don’t require much effort since all the transactions are carried out online. There is no predetermined minimum donation that one has to pay, small donations from a large number of people adds up quickly. If you are running an NGO to take care of underprivileged senior individuals, who have been abandoned or have no family, or if it is your own family that you need to take care of, crowdfunding is the best way to gather the funding you need.


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