Selenite Lamp: Is It Just Like A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Selenite Lamp: Is It Just Like A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

You may have encountered Selenite Lamps and you might be wondering what the difference is between them and Himalayan Salt Lamps. With selenite light, you have something that is similar but differs in many ways. Learn more about the benefits that you can get from a Selenite lamp below.


With the use of Selenite, you can create a link between your energy and your body. You will be able to cleanse yourself of all negative vibrations. This opens the door to you becoming a better person in every sense of the word. Psychologically, you can have better judgment, especially when making decisions that emphasize logical thinking.

You can use a Selenite lamp to provide yourself with clarity. If you work in a field that requires you to be as creative as possible, having an empty canvas that you can flesh out is important. Those that work in industries that require a lot of decision making can benefit greatly from the mental clarity provided by Selenite.

Physically, a Selenite lamp can lend you the healing properties needed to make a full recovery from any illness that you may be feeling. Chronic pain in your body, fatigue, and skin disorders are some of the conditions that you can be healed from through selenite light. This is thanks to the balancing properties you will be receiving.


The most common nuisance that people attribute to Himalayan salt lamps is its need to be recharged. Cleansing it can be tedious for folks who live particularly busy lives. With Selenite, you are not burdened with this responsibility because it will constantly recharge itself. Cleansing will be done without the need for manual intervention.

You can tap into the energy of your selenite light without having to worry about it filled with negative or stagnant vibrations. This can give you peace of mind especially if all you want to do is to be able to step inside the room that it’s located in and clear your thoughts through meditation and physical rest.

Selenite lamps are some of the most powerful lamps that you will encounter on earth. They carry powerful crystals that create unique vibrations through ethereal qualities.

Indoor Use

It is important that you keep selenite light primarily for indoor use. Moisture has a heavy effect on it so it is important that you take the necessary steps in order to preserve its physical form especially if you live by the sea.

Make sure that you put it in a clear area in your home. Tripping on it can cause it to break apart when pulled because of the raw pieces that can shed. These are small fragments that can get into your eyes, nose, and mouth so use safety accessories when moving it around.

Cleaning your source of selenite light is fairly easy. All you have to do is use dry sea salt with dry cloth. Using water is going to cause more harm to it so it is best that you avoid cleansing it with water.

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