Simple Hacks for Bag Zip Repair

Simple Hacks for Bag Zip Repair

Wouldn’t it be so annoying to have your backpack’s zipper break off while you are in the middle of your vacation or trip? Well, do not fret because this article will bag zip repair hacks that you can apply with you in case this happens to you again. There is one method that is fast and easy for you to apply and it works when the zipper pull does not close the zipper together anymore.

Replacing zippers can be a bit tricky at times because they can come out a bit wavy. So here are the simple life hacks for bag zip repair.

Step 1: Preparation

A pair of pliers.

If the zipper pull is really destroyed or is made of plastic, then you will need a new one that is of the same size. You can find it in another old jacket. You can also buy online that is inexpensive.

Step 2: Remove Stopper

Take out the little iron stopper that is on the top of the zipper that will be on the same side of the jacket where the zipper puller is.

There are stoppers that are made of plastic, which will be more difficult to remove and replace. If in case your stopper is made of plastic, you will need to substitute it with few knot of thread or something else.

Step 3: Remove Zipper Pull

Remove the zipper pull and you can probably see that it is all distorted.

Step 4: Adjust the Zipper Pull

Note: This bag zip repair step applies to only iron zippers.

Using the pliers, close the two sides of the zipper pull and try to make it look like the original shape again.

If the zipper pull does not seem to be too worn out, then you can try to close it directly on the zipper, without removing it.

However, if it is made of plastic, and it is too bent or breaks when doing this, you need to find another one of the same size, you can purchase it online or take it from an old zipper.

Step 5: Put the Zipper Pull Back

It may take a little bit of time, but you can put the zipper pull back.

Step 6: Put the Zipper Tooth Back

Use the pliers when doing this.

Step 7: Finished

And there you are done!

Try these simple steps and keep the zipper in handy. So the next time you encounter problems with the zipper, make sure to keep some pliers in handy!

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