Small Cup Bras- For petite women!

Small Cup Bras- For petite women!

When checking out latest lingerie in a store, many times, we come across a variety of exciting and trendy looking bras, but unfortunately, many of the options are not available in small sizes. If you are one of those who is relatively less-endowed and as a result have to be happy and content with whatever designs and styles available in your size, you are not required to do so any longer. With many brands and stores coming up with comfortable and trendy small cup bras, you have more choices and options to explore.

Getting the right fit

It is essential to know your size and to choose a bra that fits you well. It is not only necessary for your overall appearance and looks but also for your comfort. If you are wearing a poorly fitting bra, it can turn out to be a very uncomfortable experience for you. Every woman differs in size and as such bra companies come up with different cup sizes. Thus, petite women have a lot of choices available at stores like Sofyee. The bras are designed by some of the renowned bra-stylists who understand the curves and dips in a woman’s body and accordingly design this magical piece of innerwear.


Picking up a right bra for yourself

When looking for a perfect bra, you need to check your breast shape and size.

  1. Measure yourself before planning to buy a bra for yourself. When measuring your breasts, you need to measure two areas. Measure the fullest part of your bust and around your ribs, just below your breasts. The first measurement will show your cup size and the second your band size. So if your cup size is 35 inches and your band measure is 32 inches, thus, your size would be 32C.
  2. It is always better to wear a T shirt when shopping so that you can check out bra beneath your t-shirt to see whether it fits well.
  3. It is always better to try a bra to check whether it is perfect around your ribs and gives proper support to your breasts. If the fit is perfect, you can buy its fresh piece. When trying a bra, lift your arms so that you can find if it still supports your bust area properly.
  4. When trying a bra, check that there should be no spillage and the band must not cut your flesh. If the bra is too tight or too loose, you will either stay uncomfortable all the time or your breasts will not get enough support, resulting in drooping, which can spoil your figure.

Thus, bra shopping is not easy but some stores like Sofyee makes choosing a perfect bra so much easy and convenient.

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